LAMOST Data Release One

2015-09-15 04:44
LAMOST Dataset

With the joint effort of entire staffs of the center for operation and development of Guoshoujing telescope, the first year observation mission of the LAMOST regular spectroscopic survey has been already successfully accomplished. The data set of LAMOST data release one (DR1), including spectra of the pilot survey and the first year of the regular spectroscopic survey, have already published to domestic data users and foreign partners. The data information contained in the DR1 are shown as follows.

Classification Pilot Survey The First Year SpectroscopicSurvey
Objects (s/n> 10) 592,785 1,213,227
Objects (s/n>2) 717,660 1,487,200
Stars 648,820 1,295,586
Galaxies 2,723 9,359
Unknown 65,496 177,859
Stars with Atmospheric Parameters 373,481 711,923

Domestic astronomers and foreign partners can log in the website to download released data. If you have any questions on the LAMOST published data , you can refer to the document of

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