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Passionate - this's the one word which describes Angela. Whatever she does, who she meets, or where she is concerned, the enthusiasm of her for joining and communicating with people is actually center and front. This innate drive has led her down a fun but insane career path. From her first, very awkward time onstage in middle school, to speaking in front of large audiences about a wide range of topics today, she has always had a powerful message to share…

A 13-year background of verified performance in the arena of communication enhancement, connections and marketing strategies are boasted by Angela. She's bottom-line results-driven and also allows her audiences accelerate their communication profitability through personal contacts. These connections discover all routes ranging from person-to-person to internet social media, in addition the written word to video tutorials, webinars and podcasting.

Learn Angela's tips for cultivating connections plus enhancing engagement to boost sales or simply to enhance your quality of life. Hear the Communication Currency message by plugging into Angela's podcast message, subscribing to receive notice of her next live appearance or even hiring her for the next event of yours!

Angela lives in Nevada with her down-to-earth hubby, Allen, as well as their 3 boys who always keep her on her feet. When she isn't sleeping, she is in passionate pursuit of finding people who need assistance leading productive and happy lives. Angela is an avid reader and also loves mingling with those making use of the gift of her of connecting through communication.